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Share and Inspire



Callings all students, teachers and YAs to join the Share And Inspire Team! 
With Swami’s grace and all our combined efforts, we have several completed editions of Share and Inspire (SAI) Magazine. Thank you for all your submissions and efforts to compile and edit these flowers into a beautiful bouquet for Swami. Attached is our winter edition. Read and Get Inspired by our past editions by clicking here.
Share your stories through jokes, artwork, songs, poems, sorties, habits, activities, science, sports, service experiences and quotes.
See http://saishareandinspire.wixsite.com/saiweb for more details and submission form (you will need to email the team and get a password to submit articles).


SAI Team – Swami willing, your consistent efforts may motivate you to help us work behind the scenes to make the magic happen!

Please send your submissions, feedback, interest to join the team of editors (prerequisite: at least submit one article!) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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2020-2021 SSE has began Virtually.  For any questions, please Contact Us