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Service activities

Service Activities

East Brunswick Sai Center organizes the following selfless service activities. Our beloved Sathya Sai Baba's says "Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray". Our center members perform these activities without expecting any rewards in return.

Narayana Seva (Feeding the hungry and needy) – The gift of food is the noblest of all gifts.

“You are referring to the gift of food as Anna-daana (the charity of food). But, no one has the authority to give in charity what has been given by God or be proud of it or even to feel that he has given something In charity. God gave the rains, God fostered the sapling and God ripened the grain; what right have you to call it yours and give it in charity? It is not daana (charity) that you do; you are only offering gratitude to God; you are sanctifying the grain you have harvested by offering the food prepared out of it to these Narayanas (Gods in human form). Call it Narayana Seva (serving God within human form)!” 
- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Computer classes - East Brunswick Sai center volunteers teach basic computers skills at the El Centro charities office in Trenton, NJ on Saturday's. This service opportunity will resume soon. 

Sewing Baby Quilts & Caps Seva Quilt Seva Activity, Sewing Seva Activities - Every Sunday afternoon, Sai volunteers stitch quilts or caps at the Central Elementary School. These are in turn donated to shelters, hospitals or relief centers

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Atrium (Lawrenceville) Nursing Home Visits - Children, Young Adults and Adults usually sing, perform any musical instrument, entertain or just talk to the senior citizens. 

On-going Collection of Gently Used Children's Books - Books are donated  for use by children in the Caribbean Islands. Please bring books on Thursday's or Sunday's to the center 

Recycling of Plastic Bags - Please bring on Thursday's or Sunday's to the center.


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